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Louis discusses his pop career and music in general with longtime associate Danny Manners. Subscribe for free using your favourite application - RSS feed - or one of these convenient links:

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The last episode (for now at least) was published on 24th September 2012. If you have any topics or specific questions you would like covered in the future, feel free to post a request on the message board.

You can also listen to past episodes online:

1: The Early Years (12th May 2012)
Early musical influences, first band The Border Boys, and the beginnings of a solo career
2: él Records (28th May 2012)
Appointment With Venus, Ivory Tower, and él labelmates. (The sax player whose name Danny can't remember was Ron Aspery...)
3: End Of An Era (11th June 2012)
Yuri Gagarin and the demise of él Records
4: The Experimental Albums (25th June 2012)
Rainfall and Jean Renoir
5: Return To Pop (9th July 2012)
Delta Kiss and Sunshine
6: Consolidation (30th July 2012)
The Off White Album (Martin Newell) and Jackie Girl
7: Orchestral Ambitions (13th August 2012)
Azure and Nusch
8: Going Independent (27th August 2012)
The Huddle House (with Stuart Moxham), My Favourite Part Of You and The Wonder Of It All
9: Collaborations (10th September 2012)
HaLo, Laila Amezian, Jonathan Coe, The Clientele, Louise Le May and Big Big Train
10: Retrospective (24th September 2012)
Live, An Unknown Spring and some thoughts on a thirty-year career so far
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